Double Storey Display Homes Pt. 3

After so many trips and still not making a decision on a house.  I felt like our best option was to go with what would be the cheapest choice – the Columbus 28 from Wisdom Homes.  In early September we made one more trip to the display home, wanting to get an initial quote to make sure my numbers were right.

After another wander through the house we sat down to talk with the sales guy…well it took me all of 10 minutes to decide I wouldn’t be dealing with him.  He was a hard sell, scaremongering kind of sales guy.  Being well read thanks to the Homeone forum and lots of other research, I called him BS and we were out of there in no time.

Despondent at such a terrible experience, we went to check out our land as it was only 10 minutes drive away.  The land had been cleared since I last visited in mid August so feeling a bit better, we went to talk to Wisdom’s sales office at Willowdale instead.  We had wanted to work with the office where the Columbus display was built, but I was happy to let that go after our experience.

First visit to our land release…spot the cow!
And the same view less than a month later. Our house should be somewhere near the digger at the back left.

Now we had a lovely bit of serendipity here.  I’ve become minorly obsessed with looking at colour schemes, finishes and fittings so I insisted we looked through the displays first.  The large 40sqm was a quick in and out job, far too dark.  The other home, the Aspiration 31, was one that would fit on our block but we ruled out early on as too expensive.  One walk through and we knew this was now the one.  Nothing else came close – it ticked every box except a large home theatre room.  Honestly with 2 of us, we really don’t need a home theatre to accommodate 8 people!!!  We know if we have kids, its only likely to be one, so we don’t have a need for lots of expansive living space, just one that can host extended family gatherings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We sat around enjoying the living space for a while and talking numbers before going back to the sales office.  An hour later we had an initial quote, a walkthrough of the upgrades, house siting and we had done an initial compliance check to ensure everything fit with building regulations for CDC.  It looked like we were set but after so many “wow” house moments and changes of heart, I needed to sit on it for a week or two to let the rose tinted glasses disappear.


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