Double Storey Display Homes Pt. 1

2 days after getting the land release information, we took a day off work to go and look at some double storey display homes that would fit the land available that we thought might be a good compromise.  By this point we had contour maps and a detailed release plan that we could provide to sales people to check if houses would fit (although I had already done the maths on our maximum length and widths to avoid looking at anything too big).

We had looked at and loved a few double storey homes in our initial search, but we knew they were too big to fit what we were looking at now so we needed to reset our expectations to see if this could work for us.

I had pretty much narrowed it down to one builder – Wisdom Homes – although they had 4 houses that would fit our shortlist of blocks and luckily for us all 4 are built as display homes quite close by.

We took our time, really looking at each of them.  Going to view display homes on a weekday is great, the houses are pretty much empty so you get left in peace to really consider every aspect of them and the sales people have plenty of time to talk to you with no pressure of losing other potential sales when they realise you’re not ready to sign there and then.  The only downside is they often don’t fully open up the houses on weekdays – so we had to request keys to get out the back of the homes and the heating was hit and miss so some homes were incredibly cold.


By lunch we had seen them all and narrowed our choice down to one house.  So we went to the local Costco for a bargain lunch of hot dogs and to crunch the numbers based on our discussions with the sales staff around potential extra site costs and bushfire requirements.  It would definitely end up costing us more, but it looked doable.


So we went back and looked at it again, took lots of photos and some measurements so I could figure out if our furniture would fit (upping the budget means we will definitely be limited with buying new furniture for the house).  We also asked for the sales person to draft a placement diagram for us which shows the house as it would sit on our lot to give us an idea of scale.



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