Purchasing Land Pt. 1 – Land Selection

So we waited and waited for the magic email to come to say “hey we’re going to be selling some more land!”  Patience is not my greatest virtue.  When someone gives me a timeframe of “a couple of weeks”, that means two weeks to me.  So when two weeks went by with no news, I was back on the phone.  The land release is coming they assure me.  So we wait a bit more.  A week later I get into work and there is the email sitting in my inbox.  This was it – we knew the basic process was that they announced all the info on Monday, then the land went on sale on Saturday.  We had a week to make our choice.

I opened up the map of the lots available and the pricelist and my heart sunk.  The only 12.5 x 30 lots available had their gardens facing south or west.  Our current apartment has a westerly aspect, it gets stinking hot in summer and the sun is blinding in the late afternoon resulting in us keeping our blinds permaclosed.  West is out.  South means absolutely no sun and a cold shady garden and living areas.  South is out.  So our options were compromise or wait.

I spent most of my morning poring over the map, trying to decide if anything else could work for us.  There were a couple of options – a slightly smaller 12.5 wide block opposite a park, it would mean building double storey and it would definitely attract extra bushfire protection costs.  Then there were some 10 wide blocks that were cheaper and had good aspects, but would mean again a double storey home and a single car garage.  The bonus being both options would mean lower land prices and we would not have to pay stamp duty which would add to those savings.

So I spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday revisiting project builder websites and looking at double storey options to see what would fit.  10 wide houses looked really long and narrow and I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of a single car garage.  Moving to an area that gets frequent intense storms over the summer months, hail protection is a high priority so I really wanted a double garage so we can keep the car(s) (we need to buy a second one to live out here) garaged.  12.5 wide houses were mostly too long but a few would fit and looked reasonable.  It was time to revisit the display homes.

The other thing that took us by surprise was that one of the requirement was that we provided our lawyer or conveyancer info on purchase day.  We hadn’t even started to research this yet, thinking we could do it post purchase.  Luckily a broker we had been in contact with referred us to a conveyancer.  She turned out to have a lot of dealings with our development so while she was on the expensive side, she was happy to take us on and with the tight time frame we went with it.


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