Tender Request Submission

Once all the information (and credit card) had been handed over to our sales guy, he told us he would collate it all with the release plans etc we had already provided during our initial meeting then send it back over to us to review.  With that we left happy.

5 days later (it was a long weekend), we got a copy of the tender request submission and once again I went over it with a fine tooth comb.  In that space of time we had changed our minds about a couple of window size requests so we changed those.  Apart from that the only details that were wrong was a request for a larger mirror was in the wrong bathroom and it had the wrong lot plan attached.

We sent over our feedback and that was it.  It’s been 3 weeks now and we’ve had quite a lot of comms so far:

  • A letter welcoming us to Wisdom Homes and outlining the tender process
  • An email from head office introducing our potential CSO if we chose to build with Wisdom (everything is worded like it’s already a done deal…)
  • An email from head office with a receipt for our $1K
  • An email from our sales guy to say the compliance checks for CDC and Willowdale guidelines had been completed and our tender was now with drafting for initial plans and estimates.

We’re expecting to get our tender presentation in early to mid November…but we take that with a pinch of salt!


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