Colour Selections Homework!

With us spending so much on just building the house, I don’t want to go overboard with all the finishes but at the same time I don’t want to go cheap and regret it later.  We’re really not sure if we might stay in this home 5 years or 15 years so trying to find a middle ground is tough.

So I’ve spent a lot of time considering our selections and colour schemes.  I prefer light and airy, while my husband would probably have dark wood, dark grey and black walls and blackout blinds everywhere.  It’s quite possible I’ve overlooked that he is actually a vampire, that’s how much he hates sunlight in the house.  Our closed off media room at the front will be his haven of darkness, along with the 2nd bedroom, which has the smallest window, for his study.  The rest of the house is a compromise so we don’t completely alienate potential buyers down the line if we sell again in the near future.

Many many many hours have disappeared on Pinterest and Houzz and walking around display homes but we have a pretty good grip on what we like/dislike now and where our compromise will sit.

The colour scheme in the Clarendon Bronte 28 is still the closest we have seen all in one place to what we want – especially the kitchen.  White and warm light wood cabinets, darker counter tops and backsplash.
Grey and black furniture and fixtures are going to be our accents against a mostly white colour scheme.  I’m quitely hoping we can afford to splurge on a light fixture like this too over our dining table
Im still hoping to emulate something like this in my laundry.  As “my domain”, I can veto my husband’s dark elements requirement but I quite like the dark counter and grout here.
Rawson just opened a new display home at our development and the kitchen is almost identical to our layout and my ideas – our backsplash window will be shorter so we will have some tiling too and we want dark counters.  But the white lower and wood upper cabinet look is what I have in my head.  We’re also planning dark window and door frames.
Metricon have this display in our development too and we both love the wood lower cabinets with the dark counters but I just can’t find a good colour for the top cabinets if we were to do that so I think this colour scheme is out.  Black or Charcoal would look amazing, but the fingerprint potential rules them out.

We’re floating away on colour samples at home – I recommend ordering anything and everything you think you might like.  I’ve got multiple sample orders from Laminex (who restrict you to 5 samples per request) and Caesarstone (4 per request).  I’ve also got Colorbond samples for windows/door frame and roof decisions.  After much musing over paint charts, we got paint samples of 4 different colours – 3 whites and a grey to consider for our main wall colour.  It all sits on our coffee table for me to shuffle around when I feel like it.


We’re still having a lot of trouble deciding on tiling which will drive most of our final decisions so the sample extravaganza will be taking a trip to the tiling store soon to try and firm up those decisions.


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