Revised Tender

A few days after our presentation, we got an email with a variation for all the items we had requested and changed.  Everything seemed to be there so I OKed it and everything went to Head Office for them to start work.

Two days later I realised with horror that we had forgotten to request a window for ventilation in the laundry when we changed the sliding door to a normal door.  A quick email to our sales consultant and he reassured us we had caught it in time and he added it in. Phew!

Then we played the waiting game some more – building a house is a great way to build your patience.  I’m feeling quite relaxed about it all at the moment, but knowing we still have a long way to go Im not sure how long it will last.

Exactly 3 weeks later we got the revised tender from our sales consultant.  One item needs to be removed still but everything else was there and our extra requests/changes had come in pretty much at what I estimated.  An extra bonus was one of the windows that wasn’t what we requested had been fixed and the price had dropped from $2600 to $195!!!  Large fixed windows are an expensive business! I’m much happier that we have put in a sliding window to give us more ventilation instead…I’m all about fresh air!!!

We also got a call from My Home Central – the selections department for Wisdom about booking our first day of selections (kitchen/tiles/AC).  They immediately suggested that it’s a bit early with land registration not until next June and I agreed.  I want to wait for our first drawings as we’ve changed our laundry/powder room layout and I want the tiling quotes to be accurate.  We decided to touch base again in February and see where the drawings were at then. We have already been working on colour selections at home but I’m not ready to commit yet!


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