Tender Presentation and Revision

True to their word, early November rolled around and we got the email to say our tender was almost ready and we could book in our presentation.  Wonderful!  We booked in and a couple of days later we had a copy of the tender, plus a siting plan (for the right lot!) to review before we went in.

It seems something got crossed over between us reviewing the tender request and it being submitted to head office because the tender came back with all the same mistakes in the request that we had already highlighted which was a little disappointing, but the good news was we were about $1500 over budget which I reckon is pretty good when you’re spending close to half a million dollars!

I spent a few days going over everything with a fine tooth comb, then again with my husband to make sure we were both 100% happy and knew what needed updating.

So we rolled into our presentation with our sales consultant and had a very easy conversation.  There were lots of elements on the tender that were notes warning us of potential charges or things we would have to cover ourselves if they came up.  Most of them were expected (with unregistered land, they can’t fully estimate site costs yet) but a few were annoying – for instance if we need any external steps thats an extra cost and there is a council requirement that all western windows have a shading device…well two of our three western windows are the backsplash windows in the kitchen and butlers pantry so we may have to arrange external awnings on those because Wisdom won’t do that as part of the build. (I want rid of them to solve the problem, but my husband wants to keep them).

We went through every single point (all 117 of them), fixing anything that was wrong and adding a few extra items in we had thought of.  Because we were so close to budget and had almost everything in the tender that we wanted, we added 2 more kind of big ticket items.  First was customising the facade to be exactly what I had in my head as I had seen our selected facade in real life since we put our request in and didn’t like it at all.  Second was a laundry fit out which I really wanted but had acknowledged I could wait for if I had to.  Some of our provisional allowances are quite generous and I’m happy to cut them back a bit to cover these.

At the end of it all, we agreed to pay the $5K acceptance fee so that we could keep the ball rolling.  Next steps were for a revised tender and first draft of all our customised plans.  Back to waiting!


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