Kitchen Counters – Caesarstone

Most of our suppliers have been closed over the Christmas break so my house research has been limited to checking out sales prices of furniture and today I went to the Caesarstone showroom in Alexandria to take a look at some larger slabs.

Kitchen counters were one of the first samples I ordered, as the colour range is limited it’s going to drive a lot of our other colour choices.  Like many before me I had fallen in love with their concrete range but the overwhelming feedback that they show every mark and are hard to keep clean was really nagging at me.  It was definitely worth the effort despite the horrendous weather and traffic (is there ever a good time to drive around Sydney anymore?).  Quite a few looked very different to the small samples I’d had sent out.

Caesarstone 2141 Snow 4600 Organic White 6141 Ocean Foam 6600 Nougat 3142 White Shimmer
Caesarstone 5000 London Grey 6131 Bianco Drift 6041 Nordic Loft 4120 Clamshell 4004 Raw Concrete 2040 Urban
Caesarstone 6134 Georgian Bluffs 4030 Oyster 4003 Sleek Concrete 5133 Symphony Grey 5003 Piatra Grey 4120 Raven

This photo shows all the marks on Sleek Concrete where it has been cleaned, leaving a white haze.  Look along the left hand edge and you can see the edge of where it was wiped down.  Raven had a similar white haze at the top.

Here are photos of all our shortlist colours – first photo is a photo from the showroom and second photo is a close up of my sample at home.  The showroom had cool white spotlights on all the slabs where as my home photos are taken on an overcast day in indirect light so they show how much different lighting can make a difference.


Caesarstone 2040 Urban

2040 Urban is one of the few standard range colours we’re considering.  It has very fine dark speckles which are really noticeable on the small sample but on the large slab it looked much more uniform and quite close in colour to Sleek Concrete and Oyster.



6041 Nordic Loft is a new colour that I hadn’t considered before.  The website describes it as light taupe and they only have one publicity picture that makes it look really brown.  The sample on display however was more of a cool toned grey to me with a fine quartz grind.  The small sample looks very speckled in comparison.  I need to carry the sample around to see how it looks in different lights as I feel like the cool lighting in the display room was probably making it look a bit cooler.  It’s a standard colour too.


Caesarstone 4004 Raw Concrete

4004 Raw Concrete is the medium concrete colour.  I love everything about this, the shade is right and the small white marks break up the colour really nicely.  But it did show marks when it caught in the light.  You can see in the below photo slight streaks around the light reflection at the top.  It was hard to photograph but it was definitely there.



Caesarstone 4030 Oyster

4030 Oyster was top of my list until walking into the showroom.  My sample was extremely smooth consistent colour, nothing like the full slab which is very mottled. It’s been dropped off the list now.


Caesarstone 4130 Clamshell

4130 Clamshell was another colour I hadn’t considered before, disregarding it as too pale and too brown but in real life, it’s more like I imagined Oyster to be.  It had a good amount of texture without being overwhelmingly mottled.


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