First Draft Plans

We finally have our first draft of our plans!  We’ve been delaying our first round of appointments for kitchen and flooring waiting on the plans because of the changes we had made to powder room/laundry layout on the ground floor so I’ve been pretty impatient to get my hands on the plans so we can start moving forward.  Normally those appointments would be done and dusted before the plans came through so we’re a bit behind the 8 ball now.

We had low expectations of our draft plans if I’m honest, we were primed for there to be lots of mistakes and oversights so it was a pleasant surprise to find that the changes we needed to make were really minor.  Our custom facade wasn’t quite right, they had kept the asymmetrical pillars on our balcony which I wanted to even out


I was also nervous about the door I had added between the kitchen and butlers pantry being too big and making accessibility to the butlers pantry and walk in pantry awkward.


A trip to see the Wisdom display homes at Oran Park a few weeks ago had me falling in love with this super open plan kitchen that is basically the same dimensions as ours (fridge space is a bit bigger) so we have opted to delete the wall between our kitchen and butlers pantry entirely to make one really long kitchen run which we will divide with a microwave tower like they have done here. Of course this kitchen was $30K over the inclusions 2 levels up from ours, so our kitchen is not going to end up looking like this at all!!!


Apart from that all the changes were small – making our walk in robe 10cm longer so it would accomodate a 2m run of Ikea Pax wardrobes on either side, minor alterations to the showers and deleting the $1000+ floor mounted bath tap so I could have square set ceilings downstairs instead.  We added a slightly longer amount of cladding to the back wall so we can centre the bathroom window too.


I was really happy with how big the upper lounge is because we opted to square out the doorway area to the balcony instead of it being recessed in line with the master bedroom wall and aligned with the front door downstairs. We also moved the stack point from the laundry to the powder room which made much more sense to me, I’d rather have extra space in laundry room and it meant we ended up with a niche for an extended vanity in the powder room.



Now we wait for another revised tender to sign off the changes, then we wait for revisions to the plans….then fingers crossed we can finally book in our kitchen and tile appointments.  I really want to get those decisions made so I don’t have the opportunity to keep changing my mind!


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