House Contract Signed

Another whirlwind week, it’s hard to adjust to the pace of building where one minute you’re trying to think of everything and anything then there is a month where nothing happens.  So last Thursday it all kicked off when we got our revised plans.  A couple of little things weren’t right – my laundry window had to be shrunk and my back window in the living room wasn’t quite right.  So we sent them back one more time to be fixed, except instead of waiting weeks, they were back in my inbox the very next day with everything correct.


Our finalised custom facade which I love.  We had to add a privacy screen for council requirements which wasn’t ideal but at least it’s on the western side of the house so it will screen out the hot afternoon sun in summer.

Rear view

I also changed the downstairs window at the back of the house.  Originally it was 2 skinny floor to ceiling windows but I really wanted to have a bright and airy living space so we changed it for this huge 3.5 metre wide windows.

After saying yes we’re happy this time, Wisdom were on fire.  We had our revised contract tender and contract within 24 hours and we had booked in to sign the contract on Sunday afternoon.  Saturday was a leisurely day of coffee and reading (and rereading) 124 pages of contract, with the crazy realization that we had to initial every page when we signed!

Sunday afternoon we went out to the sales office and went through a few details to fix up some dates, then we were off on our signing spree.  30 minutes later everything was signed and initialed and that was it.  We took a quick walk through the display home while we were there, because why not!!

A quick trip to the bank on Monday morning and we were 5% deposit poorer but everything was moving.  By the end of Monday we had booked all our selections appointments and started to get emails from different suppliers. So now we’re gearing up for one more tour of all the suppliers this weekend ahead of our first selections appointments next week.  Exciting times ahead!



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