Selections Day 1 – Kitchen

Day one of selections with Wisdom is all with external suppliers – Timpelle Kitchens for all you cabinetry (kitchen, bathroom vanities and anything else you want to add such as laundry, media units, built in shelving) and Di Lorenzo for your flooring and tiles.

We opted to do kitchen first as our final decision on colours and countertops would influence our choices for tiles.  Also I had been to Di Lorenzo about 5 times looking at their range, and had over 250 photos saved on my phone from those visits!  So I had a pretty good idea of what was available and what we could afford there.  Timpelle on the other hand were only open on weekdays and there was no way to get costs before the day.

We arrived a bit early so we could wander around their show kitchens and have a look at our different options without any pressure.  Even though we were 30 minutes early, our sales consultant, Greg, met us within 10 minutes and we were off.

This was the standard kitchen from the original plans

Original Kitchen

We had opted to make the fridge space slightly deeper and remove the wall between the kitchen and the butler pantry. So our contract plan looked like this with a nearly 7m long bench at the back…but I had other plans for that.

Kitchen without wall

I had done a lot of homework on the kitchen, so I took the time last weekend to draw out all my ideas to try and make it easier on the day.  I wanted to divide the two areas with a big appliance cupboard with a hidden benchtop for the toaster, blender etc. and shelf for the microwave.  Plus some storage for all our other appliances.


I had also collected a few inspiration images in case my drawings weren’t quite showing what I wanted, especially the island as I wanted some open shelving.

And my sort of vision for our back bench, without the built in ovens.

We had been debating between a grey and timber or white and timber colour scheme.  My husband’s aversion to white meant we were leaning towards the grey option.  So when we arrived and saw this display kitchen we knew exactly what colours we wanted.


The display was in Dulux Domino in a satin polyurethane finish, so we asked to have that quoted, with the handleless shark edge finish.


We did however pick a fall back laminate option and some standard handles in case this all comes in too expensive (I feel like it probably will!)



Glass splashback options and upgrade handles.  We were advised that the upgrade handles were close to the same price as going for the shark edge handleless look.


This was the standard handle range which I thought were very reasonable.  We have opted for the vertical handle on the bottom display if we decide the shark edge is too expensive.

The selections room had the whole range of Laminex, Polytec and Formica ranges, plus a really good range of Dulux coloured polyurethane options.


We had always been previously advised we must pick Laminex but on the day we were told we could pick Laminex or Polytec.  The only condition is you can’t mix and match, all selections must be from one brand or the other. In the end, we already knew we wanted Laminex Honey Elm and Polytec didn’t have a similar colour in their range.


Wisdom does have an inclusive range of polyurethane for your lower kitchen cabinets if you opt for their $9990 Wise Choice promotion but as we didn’t really want white, none of the colours worked for us.  The only dark colour was a dark brown.  We’re hoping our option will be discounted by the amount of that inclusion to make it more affordable…


It turned out we had plenty of time to look at colour options because poor Greg had to draw out a brand new kitchen plan after we had been through all my ideas.  We couldn’t do my appliance cupboard with pocket doors like I had originally wanted, so we ended up designing it with a big roller instead.  Im hoping it will look ok colour matched to the dark cabinets.

We won’t have official drawings until we accept the quote, so I redrew it all when I got home with what we had agreed on.  He is quoting the appliance cabinet in polyurethane and laminex so I drew it up both ways but I like it best in the dark grey.


Lower Cabinets: Dulux Domino Satin Polyurethane (or Laminex Battalion in Natural as a backup)

Upper Cabinets: Laminex Honey Elm in Riven finish

Counters: Caesarstone Fresh Concrete

Backsplash: Smoked Mirror

By the time we were done with that, our time was almost up.  We did however slightly modify our bathroom vanities as they all had a fascia strip and a brushed aluminium shadowline like the below that I hated.


So we asked to just put cupboard doors to the top.  Of course this costs more, turns out Wisdom are saving a few $$$ by removing a drawer on some of the vanities by putting in their fascia strip.  We have opted for Honey Elm for all the other cabinetry, with Raw Concrete countertops.

We also did a quick laundry layout with a tub, bench over the washer and dryer and a small broom closet.  All up we were there close to 3 hours.  It was just as well we started a bit early!  I expect the quote to come in between $20-25K which sounds horrific but we have added a lot of extra cabinetry.  Im already happy to sacrifice the handleless cabinets and the polyurethane finish to save some money.  Im just hoping we don’t have to sacrifice the riven finish too as that vastly improves the look of timber laminate in my eyes.







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