Selections Day 1 – Tiles

With so much extra time taken at Timpelle for our kitchen appointment, our plan for a leisurely Italian lunch at a restaurant near Di Lorenzo morphed into a hot dog at Costco.  Poor choice, we were so dehydrated and exhausted by the end of the day and we realised it was probably because we hadn’t eaten properly or had anything to drink.

Anyway, we got to Di Lorenzo 15 minutes early, so I had one last walk around to look at tiles because I was still horribly undecided, even after several visits!  Turns out I shouldn’t have worried, we had Anna for our appointment and she was amazing at making suggestions despite my lack of commitment to what I wanted (and I realised after we left, that we had not told her our budget).

The included builders range for bathrooms never did much for me – virtually everything is gloss and the one thing I didnt want was gloss!  There were easily over 30 choices, these were all the options I thought might be ok from an earlier visit.  My husband didn’t like the faux marble tiles and I couldn’t bring myself to use the glossy grey tiles.  The included floor tiles were only 200×200 which I disliked too, I really wanted something bigger.

The mosaic range is overwhelming..this is about half of the choices, but be prepared for them to be pricey if you want them over anything larger than a niche.  Generally they start at about $90/sqm for basic white or black shapes, plus laying charges which I was advised is $85/sqm.  Some I saw were over $50/sheet and I calculated 9 sheets per sqm!


They had quite a few new tiles on display in the upgrade options, so our only “sure” choice from previous visits was our main floor tile…which we promptly changed!!!

We opted for this  warm grey concrete look ceramic 600X600 tile  (DCT20694 – White Matt) for all our main floors, plus the downstairs wet areas.  I would have preferred a rectified porcelain option but there wasn’t anything similar in our price range.  This one was $40/sqm plus a mystery extra laying charges as anything over 450×450 incurred an extra charge on our inclusions.


Here is a close up with our kitchen colour selections, I love it all together!


For the backsplash in the laundry and downstairs powder room, I kept it simple with matt white hexes (DC10348 – $89/sqm + laying charges) and pewter grout for contrast.


After that I was lost for what I wanted for upstairs tiling, so we picked carpet while I avoided the decision a bit longer.

We had allowed ourselves a budget of about $55/sqm for carpet, including underlay.  Anna immediately suggested this Redbook Green carpet in Onyx, which is 100% Triexta.  It’s pretty soft underfoot already and has great stain resistance – to the point where they actually guarantee it against pet accidents.  It $56/sqm so we had to forego the underlay upgrade but we were very happy with it.  If there is any wiggle room in the initial quote, we will add the underlay upgrade in.


Back to upstairs tiling…I wanted something modern and industrial so ideally more concrete look tiles but there was nothing I liked that we could afford.  So after a few patient suggestions from Anna, we opted for a slightly more toned down natural look.  The main grey tile is a 300*600 rectified matt porcelain (DCT82355 – Piccadilly Ash Matt $40/sqm + laying charges) that looks like stone.  It will run across the floor and up one wall in each bathroom – behind the bath in the main bathroom and the back wall of the shower in the ensuite.

Then the hex mosaic (DCT82415 – Small Bluestone Hex – $34/sheet) will go in the shower niches to complement with Delorean Grey grout to highlight the pattern.  The rest of the walls will be builders range 300*450 satin white tiles.  While I would have loved 300*600 everywhere, our budget was never going to stretch to the extra laying costs over nearly 40sqm of floor to ceiling wall space!  The 300*600 will also be our upstairs powder backsplash.  Im not in love with this decision and might change it for something else if we can afford to after the first quote.


Finally we had to pick something for the porch and balcony.  I was completely over decisions by this point, so we ended up with this plain charcoal tile from the builders range (hurrah no extra cost!) with natural grout.  In time the grout should end up dirty enough outside that the lines are no longer visible 😀  It should go well with our plans for dark window frames and roof.


I was so glad when we were done.  It definitely felt much easier than the kitchen.  If you know the colours you’re going to opt for at kitchens I would do this appointment first.  The kitchen one just wiped us out and we had little enthusiasm for picking “the perfect tiles” by the time we got to Di Lorenzo.  Im so glad they guided us to some great options.


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