Selections Day 2 – Landscaping

Ok we are definitely not gardening people.  And this was the very first question we got asked.  I made it quite clear that while I like a nice garden, I kill most plants I come in contact with and my husband couldn’t give a….He would astroturf the lot if he could get away with it.

Im really glad that Wisdom “include” this in their package.  Now when I say include – you get a $5.5K voucher towards landscaping if you take up their promotion pack, then you promptly add $795 to your tender request for a landscaping consultation and plan.  Without the consultation you can’t use the credit.

Either way, we know nothing about gardens, we have to supply a landscaping plan to go through CDC or council and we will have to landscape eventually, regardless of if we have Wisdom do it or not.  So this appointment was really helpful.

We sat down with Jarred who really impressed me with getting right to what we wanted in just a few questions when we had no clue ourselves! With each question, he started creating a rough plan on top of our plan on the computer – hedges, a path to the front door, adjusting our driveway to plant out areas to give it some structure.

On top of that, they provide planting suggestions which is wonderful for the gardening impaired like ourselves.  “What sort of hedge would you like” – “Something vivid” – there he is on google bringing up pictures of different plants so we can pick something that appeals to us and meets our needs (low maintenance, suits the lighting available).

We talked about how we wanted to see greenery from our downstairs side windows, again he was on it in a flash with plants that would creep up the fences without filling out the pathway, explaining how we can train and grow them.

We want a deck at the back (which we will build in time ourselves as we doubt we can afford for Wisdom to do it for us) – he was on the ball with council requirements and what we could do that wouldn’t require a permit.  We then fleshed out some planting ideas for the back garden so it wouldn’t be just grass and decking.

All up we spent about 40 minutes with him, and came out with a completed concept plan and a 45 question FAQ to read through!  Wisdom will now go away and build out the plan in detail with several planting suggestions per area and an estimated quote then send to us in the next couple of weeks.  Plus suggestions he gave us suggestions on where to go for lunch!  It was really nice that they also appreciate we probably couldn’t afford their services and how much it is geared towards helping you do the work yourself post handover.



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