Walk The Lot event

Stockland make a big investment in kickstarting the community in their developments. They organise lots of community events – our development has several weekly outdoor fitness groups, monthly outdoor movies in the amphitheatre in the main park, family fun days as well as various one off holiday events. 

As stages are coming up for registration and settlement, they organise walk the lot events so you can get access to see your land and meet your neighbours. Today it was our turn…now we had already seen our land once a couple of months ago but we were looking forward to getting to meet some neighbours. 

First we stopped by the sales office where they mark you off a list and give you a sold sticker to go and put on your lot marker. 

We found our land had been filled and levelled some more since we were last there. It has a small fall from the back to front but overall it’s pretty flat. We’re hoping that means no extra site costs when we finally get our contour survey after registration. 

Quite a few lots further up our street attended, but after hanging around for 45 minutes there was no sign of any of our neighbours so we said hi to someone else I had been talking to through Homeone and headed back home. Having been really excited to meet our neighbours and seeing everyone else meeting ours, we felt a bit dejected going home but c’est la vie. 


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