Landscaping Plan

I previously raved about our landscaping appointment we had with Wisdom’s landscaping division during our second selections day.  We were really impressed with all the questions they asked to design our plan when we know nothing about gardening.

A couple of days ago we received our completed plan back for us to sign off – this is the last thing we need so we can start moving on our approvals.

  • First up it is used for BASIX assessment to prove we’re going to put in a raintank and clothesline.
  • Then next it’s used for developer approval to show we’re meeting their guidelines (fences in the right colour, bins/AC/rain tank/clothesline hidden behind the fence line, correct colour and crossover for our driveway).
  • Finally it goes in our CDC pack to show we will be meeting the minimum landscaped land requirement of 15% of our lot.

Once again I was massively impressed with what we were supplied with and glad we had to include this in our contract, even if it did cost us $795.

landscaping plan

We know we can’t afford for Wisdom to do all this landscaping for us, but it gives us a great jumping off point for when we do our landscaping.  This plan is provided to CDC with all our plans but we have no obligation to keep our landscaping the same afterwards.  We really want to include a big hardscaped space at the back so we can have relaxed seating as well as a table outside, but if we can afford to put a timber deck in is another thing entirely!

As well as the plan, they also provide you with planting suggestions based off your discussions at the appointment

plant schedule

I really love that the name of everything is a link on the actual document, so when you click on it, it brings up a google image search of that plant so you can see what they look like (I know what Jasmine and Lilly Pilly look like but that is basically the end of my gardening knowledge!)  We wanted a more formal look for the front and a tropical theme for the back, so the planting suggestions reflect this with a mix of both.

The plan goes on to provide detailed information about different elements, including the dimensions of the mailbox we have requested (and will probably get Wisdom to build) and the planting.

letterbox detailplanting detail

We plan on signing everything off on Monday and sending it back to them, then they provide us with a quote for all the work which we use to pick and choose which elements we get them to do.  The nice thing about knowing you have no budget to get this work done is that you can basically ask for anything you want on the plan and don’t have to sweat it that the details aren’t right before you sign it off!  For us the only concern is making sure the driveway and mailbox are ok.


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