Selections Quotes

Well we finally have all our quotes back in (except AC which Im due to have a phone appointment for next Monday).  Ironically my busiest work week in memory and of course the quotes started pouring in.  We’re still more or less on budget, I think overall we have ended up about $3K over but we still have our big BAL 29 allowance which we think won’t all be needed anymore due to the large stormwater pit in front of our lot.  Fingers crossed for BAL 12.5!

Here is a summary of when we had all our appointments and when the quotes came in

Appointment Appointment Date Quote Date
Tiles and Flooring 13/04/2017 03/05/2017
Kitchen 13/04/2017 29/05/2017
Colours 02/05/2017 28/05/2017
Electrical 02/05/2017 02/05/2017
Landscaping 02/05/2017 29/05/2017
Staircase 05/05/2017 30/05/2017

Our kitchen quote was the longest wait – turns out Timpelle will put it on hold if you request sink changes at your colours appointment, but no-one told us that until we started asking why such a long delay.  So we ended up waiting 29 working days for that one…excruciating when you know its where you potentially really blew the budget.

Out of all our quotes, the only one we could sign off “as is” was the staircase.  Tiles have to be requoted after we have our kitchen plans drawn up so they can accurately estimate our laundry backsplash.  Colours had some mistakes and a missing shower mixer, but Rebecca, our colours consultant, was all over it so we only waited an extra day to get that fixed.  I was close to a heart attack when I saw changing the wardrobes from wire shelving to melamine was costing over $500 per wardrobe…turned out they had included shelving and drawer units for each wardrobe too.  The final $40 per wardrobe was much less alarming!!!  I’m very excited for my undermount black sinks and Phoenix Vivid Slimline tapware (as I couldn’t stand the square tapware Wisdom provide as standard)


Kitchen was missing about 5 things I had requested, but after adding it up and realising we were already pretty much at our budget limit, I just emailed back requesting the concealed rangehood.  Im disappointed Im missing out on my custom island shelving but we might try and build something later, or clad the island in wood. One awesome surprise was that it was only $700 extra to upgrade to a polyurethane colours that wasn’t in the Wisdom range…so we get black cabinets like below (but with handles…we both agree that no handles and matte black cabinets is going to be a $1390 fingerprint magnet mistake!)


We have changed up our electrical plan slightly in the last month because we noticed we didn’t have proper NBN provisioning included.  Our electrical consultant got it all fixed up for us though.  If you get Megan for your electrical, you’re in good hands.

Now part of me knew that really with all our other “little overages”, we should drop my wood and glass staircase railing but somehow I got this silly little render on the quote and that was it, I was determined to have my staircase too!  Lets hope the bank doesn’t think Im too extravagant now!




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