LPI…we’re almost there!

It’s been a bumpy few months with our land registration, causing us a fair bit of stress. When we put our deposit down, we were told to expect registration and settlement in June 2017. Just fine with us, keep saving away and work on the house plans so they’re ready to go by then.

Fast forward to March 2017 and we had seen our land, street signs were up, services were in and everything seemed ready. Then we got an email saying registration would be “August-October 2017″….uh WTF?! What could need to be done still and how did it blow out so far?! Fast forward to the following week “sorry that was a mistake, should be May-June 2017”. Phew!

So the months keep ticking, by end of May the stage ahead of us was just registered and due to settle mid June. No news for us but I was confident any company would want their money ASAP so our land must be in progress and wouldn’t be staggered too far behind. Or not. 

Tick tick tick…a call in late June just to say hey we’re on track for July registration but the land subdivision was still with council.  Hmmm we’re definitely behind all the estimates now and starting to get nervous. We know we need 12 weeks absolute minimum from settlement to construction with Wisdom. 

Finally today we got the call that our land has been lodged to LPI which means they will be creating the separate plans for each lot soon. Once our land is registered by LPI (hopefully 1-2 weeks) we should expect settlement 2 weeks later.  My best case scenario now is we will have 11 weeks from settlement to our tender expiry so let’s hope Wisdom are kind to us!

None the less it’s a celebration day. We’re moving forward, we’re close to being land owners (and having a mortgage) and the dream house is one step closer. 


8 thoughts on “LPI…we’re almost there!

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Been reading your blog for the last few weeks, the way you have written at each stage is awesome and really helps people like us to be prepared for each stage.

    Am planning to build aspiration 31 and at Willowdale too :-), need some help with facade and why you chose Savannah,is that only because of design or due to better cost or both? We were planning for Avanti but been told by Wisdom that this or any facade other than Savannah would need additional rendering, as per Willowdale guidelines, which means additional 3000-6000$,did this also make you to consider Savannah?

    BTW,are you getting the savannah space more outside or inside(like at Willowdale display), been told that having it inside is no cost, though not the master plan, because it is displayed that way it would be no cost saving another $1300 compared to having the same in Avanti.

    Very long comment :-), Apologies for this, once again love your blog.



    1. Hi Kalyan,

      Great to meet another Aspiration builder! We don’t know anyone else who has built it but we love the display, especially how big the kitchen is and the open living that it connects with. We’re looking forward to getting into construction. Hopefully only a few more months now.

      We didn’t chose the Savannah facade – we have customised the Avanti facade as I really love the double wooden posts on the Avanti but I didn’t like how narrow it looked on a home of our width with the railings. There is a house on Jamboree Avenue with the Avanti facade on a 12.5 wide lot that you can check out to see the finished facade if you haven’t seen it already.

      We requested to fill the gap with bricks. We have still had to add render as well so all up I think it’s cost is $2k for the added brickwork and steel beam to support it, then $4.5k for the render. I love the end look we got though and it will be a bit different from other Wisdom builds.

      We have extended the upstairs lounge inside as per the display. It only cost us $350 to do that though. We didn’t opt for a sliding door, we have a big window and an external version of a LIN1 door.

      Are you dealing with Scott at the Willowdale office? He was great to deal with, nothing was too much trouble for us and he was always very honest.


  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the information. Your facade is lovely, our initial choice was Avanti too but now given the extra choice for piers and render we are thinking of Savannah(with roof) which we hope will cost lesser .

    We are in stage 15F and been told land will be registered by September but am not expecting construction to start before Feb next year :(. I hope yours will be sooner.

    Am dealing with someone in Kellyville instead as Willowdale is bit far for us.

    BTW, can I ask why you changed from blackberry to freedom brick? We are thinking of Orpheus but not sure about the chipping and any other disadvantages of a painted brick.


    1. We really wanted dark window frames above everything else, in the end we decided they didn’t make a great impact with Blackberry. Even now Im really not sure about our brick choice but we’re locked in with Freedom now. I wish we had budgeted to upgrade our bricks but we can’t upgrade everything!!

      I didn’t realise the savannah included the render. If we had known that we probably would have considered it. I would have been happy with a cheaper facade, I liked the Centro but husband wanted a balcony to “enjoy the view”…we were already locked in when we found out about the big stormwater pit put the front of our lot 😦

      I think stage 15 is going to move quite quickly with registrations. I know 15B got their valuation notice recently and are still expecting to register in August.

      Our land is still with LPI but waiting on additional info from Stockland. Fingers crossed next week it will register.


      1. Hi Jennifer,

        Apologies, was on a holiday for 3 weeks and didn’t want to think about the house and delays so wasnt following the updates.

        We had a look at few houses and liked freedom too but have few other preferences too, still haven’t finalized though.

        Am having the usual W delays, they took 10 weeks to provide a tender, which I now have to modify and not sure how long they will take again. Looks like I will have to pay land mortgage for quite a few months because of these W delays :-(. I hope yours will start soon.

        I have recently registered on homeone forum,will be following your journey here and there. Looking forward to seeing pics of your Aspiration 31 coming along.



      2. I totally understand that feeling of wanting to switch off! We feel like we have had a break because of waiting on land settlement for so long. The admin process is a long process but the builds seem to go quite quick with Wisdom so we feel like it should balance out in the end.

        With our land delays, we’re not really expecting to be in construction much before Christmas now 😒


      3. Sorry to hear about the delay in Land registration. I had an update from Willowdale on our land as per below, not sure if it is relevant to you. We are in Stage15F.

        “We do still anticipate that registration will occur in September. I believe the team is hopeful that Council will provide their final sign off on the works this week so we can lodge with the LPI (Land and Property Information) for registration.

        As soon as we have good news, we will be in touch.”


      4. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Our main hold up in LPI was there was a problem with an easement on the lot that needed to be subdivided that no-one was aware of, I think it took about 2 weeks for that to be resolved by Stockland before the subdivision could be completed for 15A


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