Land Settlement

After what felt like the longest wait for our land to go through LPI (we were stuck there for a month πŸ˜’), we finally settled on our land yesterday. So about 2-3 months late as we expected settlement back in June but at least we’re moving again. 

So what else has been happening while we have been waiting on Stockland/Council/LPI in the past few months? Well not a great deal, we’ve had our BASIX assessment completed on our plans and developer approval so those are two things ticked off the list. 

We had a bit of a scare in early August when we heard CDC guidelines had changed and we thought our plans didn’t meet the requirements anymore but we had Wisdom’s compliance team do a check for us and they assured all was OK (phew!)

Wisdom have completed their land survey this week, so we finally have contours and soil tests and they’re now working on our final plans ready for CDC submission.  We’re also waiting for a variation to organise our BAL assessment – the final big unknown cost!

Looking forward to everything gearing up again and starting to move forward again now. Next stop should be final plans and associated variations, then CDC approval. 


3 thoughts on “Land Settlement

  1. Congrats Jennifer, just saw you update. Hopefully your construction will start soon and finish fast, good luck. Will follow your updates and look forward to seeing some pics from a fellow Aspiration31 builder :-).


  2. hey there, my partner and i also bought in willowdale and reading your journey has been very interesting as we have shared a similar experience. I had my heart set on the aspiration 31 as well as it fit our block just like yours but the cost i was quoted just blew out so we went with another builder. (although we are only in the stage of having our soil tested etc so i can always pull out). Wisdom originally stated our area (stage 14) may have alot of salinity and added extra provisional costs. I was wondering how your results came back? πŸ™‚ and did you blow out alot of the budget from the original quote? it really is a beautiful home in a great area. Your camping efforts paid off πŸ™‚

    look forward to following your journey further. x jlita (fellow willowdale future resident) hehe


    1. Our costs haven’t blown out by much, maybe $10K in total over what we were originally quoted. We do have high salinity, I think virtually everyone in our area of Willowdale does. Our main “extra” cost was raising the level of our house due to the proximity to the floodway. Even though we had known about from day one and repeatedly raised it during tender, we still didn’t have a big enough PA to cover the requirement.


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