14 Days after Settlement

While we’re moving towards construction we have been getting lots of little updates from Wisdom Homes.  Even though most of them are quite short, it’s still nice getting such frequent updates so I thought I would post a few milestone posts until we get into construction.

  • 28th Aug – Contour survey completed on land
  • 31st Aug – Land settlement
  • 31st Aug – Contour survey sent to compliance team at Wisdom
  • 31st Aug – Request for BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) assessment variation
    • We had originally planned to get the BAL assessment on our land completed independently as we had been advised it would be cheaper but the best quote I could find was $350, and Wisdom were going to charge us $365 so we requested a variation instead to get Wisdom to complete this on our behalf.  Mainly we’re both so busy that it was just easier to ask them to coordinate it.
  • 4th Sept – Bore hole test completed on land (soil test to check for soil type and rocks)
  • 8th Sept – BAL assessment variation received and signed off
  • 13th Sept – Progress update from CSO
    • Increased edge beam required (1 additional course of bricks around the whole house) – variation will be raised
      • We have a clause in our 88B certificate that the house must be minimum 300mm above finished ground level that triggered this.  We had known about this ever since we put a deposit on the land, our conveyancer highlighted it to us in our draft 88B certificate.  It’s because we’re at the lowest point of the development and across the road from a creek so this is a flood prevention measure from the council.  We have a provisional allowance in our tender to hopefully cover the requirement.
    • Engineers plans requested
    • Waterboard approval requested
    • CDC preassessment requested from private certifier
    • BAL assessment requested from external provider

We’re expecting a couple more variations to surface in the upcoming weeks – one for the additional bushfire modifications we’re going to need, such as aluminium mesh fly screens and gutter guards, and one for privacy requirements that will be decided by the CDC certifiers, this is likely to be a privacy screen on the front balcony and frosted windows in our bathrooms.  Fingers crossed that will be it.

From our side, there isn’t much to do until we get through all the variations, then it will be back to our broker to get our build loan application completed.


4 thoughts on “14 Days after Settlement

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    My wife and I have also chosen to go with the Aspiration 31 house at Emearld Hills and your blog will help us out quite a bit!

    Just a quick question we were hoping you can answer for us…

    We can see that you have closed up the front living room and turned it into a media room. We are thinking of doing the same thing, but not sure how it will look. Do you have any pictures you can show us?

    We are just a bit worried that closing up that room will affect the look of the staircase (will the staircase be enclosed in and you wont get any railings?)

    I hope that makes sense…

    Thanks in advance,


    1. We don’t have any pictures, I don’t think any builders would opt to put that in a display home because it doesn’t have the same wow factor as a big open entrance. I doubt we will have pictures until Feb-March next year when we’re in construction. We just didn’t see any purpose to it if we left it open, where as closing it off will make a nice snug media room which we would use all the time. The amount of sound that would travel between the three open living spaces would just be annoying to us too.

      Our staircase is going to be fully enclosed, so we lose the open railing they have in the display home between the stairs and sunken media room. I’ve seen homes with a fully enclosed staircase and it didn’t bother me at all (the Rawson Harrington display at Wiilowdale has one although its a bit different to what we have opted for). We did choose double doors into the media room because we figure when the time comes to sell the house, the new owner can remove the doors from the frame and there will still be a big opening into that room if they would prefer it open.


  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Our Land at Willowdale also has clause 88B,can you tell me how much extra is this costing you? Thanks for your help as always.



    1. Everyone has an 88B certificate but the contents is different for each lot so yours probably isn’t the same as ours. The only clause in ours that is costing us is one that states the finished floor level of all habitable rooms must be at least 300mm above ground level. We’ve had to add an extra course of bricks to bump up the height of our ground floor which is costing us $3075.

      Ive just put up a new post for the past two weeks, which includes a break down of our site costs. Yours will probably be very similar so that’s worth looking at. Wisdom didn’t recommend a large enough PA for our site costs but luckily we have a bit of leftover PA from our BAL allowance that will cover it.


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