28 Days after Settlement

Less action in the last two weeks, but we’re still making progress.

  • 21st Sept – Notification from Wisdom that Sydney Water do not have any plans on record for our subdivision. This means they cannot confirm the location of any water assets (ie sewer lines) on the lot. Variation raised for $910 to have a survey of the lot completed. This is typical of a new subdivision. Once the survey is complete, Wisdom will reapply to Sydney Water for approval to build.
  • 21st Sept – BAL assessment results received – BAL12.5 rating. Variation requested for additional BAL requirements. (Took 3 weeks from request for assessment and 2 weeks from sign off of variation).
  • 26th Sept – Weekly update from CSO
    • Structural engineering plans received by our CSO (not shared with us)
    • CDC pre assessment with additional requirements received by our CSO (not shared with us)
    • CDC submission pack requested by our CSO (pre assessment and structural plans form part of this) – preparation takes 10-15 working days.
    • Still awaiting variation for drop edge beam (requested 2 weeks ago)

We queried with our CSO what to expect if we pass our contract expiry date of 14th November which is looking extremely tight right now.  She couldn’t really advise us except that she would apply to senior management for an extension at end panel stage if we didn’t expect to make the deadline.  So we continue to be left in the unknown on that front if it’s going to end up costing us more :S

In other news, we’ve started to see DA applications being lodged around us. 2 doors up from us are building with Elderton and lodged with council a week ago, then 3 doors up from us are building with Allcastle and lodged with the council yesterday. We’re still a minimum of 2-3 weeks away from lodging with CDC so it’s starting to show the efficiency of different builders. It will be interesting to see how things level out over the course of the build.

We’ve also kicked off our build loan application with our broker. My parents have kindly offered to act as guarantors on our loan as we don’t have a 20% deposit, this will mean we can avoid LMI so we expect this to take longer than standard while the bank do the additional due diligence verifying my parent’s information.


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