6 Weeks after Settlement

Progress continues, slow but steady, but mainly expensive over the last two weeks!

  • 6th Oct – Weekly update from CSO
    • Our survey for water assets on our lot had raised a problem with the proximity of the sewer line to the front of our house.  So we got a $680 variation to have our sewer pegged out on our lot and our engineer plans revised accordingly.
    • The minimum room height clause on our 88B certificate wasn’t going to be compliant with our standard plans, so we needed to pay for an additional course of bricks to bump the height up of our rooms – kaching $3075.  We completely expected so had no problem signing it off.
  • 6th October – we also got our initial BAL variation which included the mandatory requirements then some options for adding bushfire compliant screen doors too.  After reading it through, there were some errors where items we had already added at colours back in May were included again so we requested the variation to be reviewed and reconciled against our previous variations.  Our mandatory requirements will total just about $7.5k based on my calculations of the items across the two variations
  • 12th October – Weekly update from CSO
    • Another week, another variation – this time for site costs from our soil tests and contours (which were done first week of September so this took a while to come through).  This was our first disappointed moment as we thought the variation for our 88B certificate compliance was our only site costs.  We had $5k in our tender for site costs and the only “anticipated” site costs by our sales consultant was that extra course of bricks.  Well this variation was just over $7K, so our $5k site costs provision was only half of what we have needed.  Extra requirements on our virtually flat lot with less than 50cm fall across the block included
      • $1.8k for import/export of fill
      • $1k for an additional concrete pump (I hear this is almost universally required so I don’t understand why this isn’t included in standard site costs)
      • $2.6k for deepened edge beams to the front and side of the house…I have a feeling paired with the extra brick course all round that the front of our home is going to be quite elevated in the end but not a bad thing as the front is where the flood risk would come from.
      • $1k for additional electrical, telephone and NBN provisioning outside the standard (again not sure how we ended up with this as the NBN and the power are literally in front of our block – the standard is 7m from connection point to the house so Im not sure where they plan to put it that is further than 7m away)
      • $550 for granite guard termite protection – this is apparently because we’re a zero lot so I feel they should have told us this way back at tender stage because the zero lot situation was always there.
    • I checked in about our BAL variation we were still waiting on – CSO said she would chase it up
    • Engineer plans have been updated and we have water board approval so we can move ahead with CDC approval now (although I suspect really we have to sign off our BAL variation first)
  • 13th October – BAL update from our CSO with a revised variation, plus the original variation that included the items we had added at colours.  We were asked to re-sign the colours variation and take the BAL items off, then sign them off on the BAL variation instead.  BAL variation was missing stain options for our balcony posts though so requested another revision.

Our build loan is being assessed, we’ve gone through the hoopla of providing all our evidence again and the extra questions and requests.  The bank are now waiting on our “construction specifications for design finishes” which I think basically means end panel to complete their valuation.  Keeping everything crossed we don’t get undervalued.

We also needed to provide evidence of land ownership to Wisdom as the Certificate of Title for the land is in the bank’s name until we pay off the mortgage.  We sent over our settlement letter from our conveyancer which should be sufficient.


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