Week -4: Fence, Portaloo and Next Door’s Fill

While it’s unlikely we will visit our build every week, I will keep up the week milestone posts as often as possible. We officially entered production estimating on 1st February and it’s 21 working days from then to the beginning of construction (week 1) so here we are in week -4!

We needed to confirm the land was clear and provide a photo for proof so imagine our surprise to find our fence and portaloo when we visited 2 days later

Unfortunately it was only 3/4 of the fence because our neighbour had left a pile of fill for their slab on our land, so we went back the next day with a pair of shovels, a wheelbarrow and an hour later we had it back on their side of the boundary.

Happy days…a clear lot and handed over to Wisdom so now not our responsibility for another 8+ months!

Lots of other action around us too. As well as our neighbours on the right having their slab forms up, our neighbours at the back have their piering in so it looks like we will all be building and hopefully finishing around the same time. No sign of any action from our neighbours on the left yet, we haven’t seen a council application or CDC approval.


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