Week -1: Concrete Forms and Waffle Pods

We head officially into construction on Thursday this week and we look like we should have a slab to mark that landmark. This week Wisdom have prepped the block for our slab:

  • Finished the land cut (judging by the pile of earth in our rubbish pile)
  • Laid out plumbing pipes to run through the slab
  • Put up our concrete forms
  • Laid the reo and waffle pods for the slab

Not quite sure why Wisdom put up the rest of our fence on the zero boundary last week only for it to be dismantled again this week. View from the back of our lot (and our huge garden 😂)We always knew our garage wasn’t going to be huge but looking at it today we did regret the decision that buying such small land would mean we couldn’t extend the garage. It was nice to finally get a sense of size on our land, we only spotted one issue which is the slab for our water tank looks like it almost runs to the boundary while our plan has enough clearance to get through to the back door on our garage. Need to remember to take a measuring tape next weekend.


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