Week 0: In Construction and Slabbed

Busy week this week, we got our slab laid on Monday, followed by the invoice on Tuesday and our in construction notice on Thursday.

There isn’t much to say about a slab…all the pipes look like they’re in the right spot and nothing is missing. That’s about the extent of our slab expertise!

My husband went down the confirm the work was done on Tuesday before we signed off the progress payment to be paid which tipped us off the work has been done on Monday as the forms were already gone and the slab was already drying out.

I felt a little guilty that I had sent him down and insisted on photos looking at how muddy it was after 2 days of torrential rain! He was not happy about his shoes or the mud in his car. Time to start keeping some spare shoes in our cars!

By the time I got around to checking it out on the weekend, the slab was dry and Wisdom had been back to move all the excess fill ready to be cleared off the lot.We don’t expect much progress now for a couple of weeks based on others builds. Next steps are excavations for plumbing then frames as far as I can tell. We’re away for a wedding next weekend so we can’t make a site visit anyway but hopefully we will hear from our SS who was assigned this week for our first update.


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