Week 3: Ground Floor Frames

Our ground floor frames and windows were delivered this week and the ground floor frames were also put up. It’s a very surreal feeling to walk through the rooms for the first time.

Everything feels pretty much as I had expected. The front media room seems very small which was always my concern with closing off that space. It will definitely be a cosey space but it should be good on really hot days if we just want to hole up at home and not run the AC through the whole house.

The custom window at the back of the living room is massive. While it will let in lots of light and greenery once the garden is established, I’m a bit concerned about privacy so I need to have a think about either privacy blinds or mirror tinting.

Our SS called with our first update this week too. If the weather stays dry he thinks the frames should be done by next weekend. The forecast is quite promising so far.

Our update wasn’t all sunshine and roses. He did ask how long our contract build was and set our expectation that he would be surprised if it was delivered in 30 weeks. I had mentally added 4 weeks on for wet weather and delays even before he said that, so it is what it is. It will take a lot of delays to eclipse the frustrations of admin!!!


One thought on “Week 3: Ground Floor Frames

  1. We are building with Wisdom at Willowdale and I love seeing your blog!

    Hoping it’s smooth sailing for you guys. We have had a similar experience through admin.

    Loving seeing your progress and seeing photos. We will be finished around the same time I think!

    Look forward to the next update x


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