Week 4: Frames Completed

Invoice motivation is a powerful thing at Wisdom. Sure enough 4pm the day before the Easter long weekend I got the frames invoice in my inbox so we went to take a look today before we signed it off.

As well as the frames being done, chip board has gone up on most of the ground floor rooms. We did notice our extra blocking for the TV mounting hasn’t gone in yet so we will keep an eye out for that.

I also found the first thing I missed on all our plans. The big custom window we have at the back of the house was meant to have the end panels sliding in but instead we have the middle panels sliding out. Not the end of the world but it’s going to look disappointing with a flyscreen right across the middle of it.

The plans don’t show which way the glass is meant to open – a detail I missed and just assumed was right. The frame is slightly damaged and one of the window panes has been smashed so I’m inclined to complain in the hope they might replace it. I’m going to go back through our paperwork over the weekend to see if we ever had a note that the window should open the other way. I know it was on the original drawing I gave to our sales consultant.

Upstairs, we could finally see the view of the stormwater pit across the road. It’s not great but hopefully once the development landscaping is done it will look better.

No update from our SS this week so no idea what (if anything) is planned for next week. There are no bricks on site yet.


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