Lights Purchased!

We opted back at electrical selections to supply most of our light fixtures ourselves outside of downlights.  Wisdom had a very limited choice of light fixture options from Clipsal at the time which was disappointing as they were all very utilitarian and ugly.  Even the downlights aren’t great and I wish we had opted to just provision them too.

Ive heard that they have now teamed up with Beacon so you can opt for lights from there, roll the cost up in your build and have them installed pre-handover.  I can’t even say how much I wish we had that option after the amount I spent at Beacon today and we have the hassle of paying an electrician to install them all we move in.

Anyway Ive been quietly tracking Beacon’s sales for the past year (never pay full price…it’s a joke in our house “what’s the sale at Beacon right now?”)  April was the best sale of the year last year with 25% off all lights so with the same promo running now I decided it was time to buy our lights.

Because I didn’t want the hassle of having the lights delivered to our apartment and being available for the delivery I opted to go to my local store to order everything so we could pick it all up there.  Turned out to be a great decision because they will wait until we need the lights before getting the stock in.  So Ive paid for it all (one less expense when we move in!) and don’t have to worry about delivery or storage.

Stairwell Light - Aksel 6 Light Pendant
I loved the Aksel 6 black light since the first day I saw it, there was never any question that it wouldn’t be my stairwell light. I just wish Beacon had a linear version I could have put over my dining table.
Aksel Wall Lights for the main bathroom on each side of the bathtub as we can’t legally put pendants in. These will carry the theme from the stairwell light too
LEDLUX Panorama for above the dining table. We originally planned to get something much more high impact above the dining table but this saved us about $600 and has a clean minimalist feel that we both liked. We didn’t put a dimmer on this particular light provision so we will add that post handover too.
Outside we have opted for Helley II LED spotlights along the side of the house. They were relatively inexpensive and will allow us to light up the plants that will be seen from our dining and backsplash windows in the main living area as well as the side paths. We have a total of 4 of these going on the sides of the house.
To keep it looking clean but still break up all the downlights we have opted for these MFL by Masson Mila surface downlights above our kitchen island (3) and the vanity in downstairs bathroom (2).  Beacon have their own LEDLUX versions but we preferred the thicker black frame around the smaller downlight on these.
With all the money we saved on the lights (plus changing to a cheaper dining room light), we opted to reinvest the budget in nicer fan/lights for the bedrooms. We didn’t make our ceilings higher upstairs so I was always worried about how low the light of a fan/light would hang. These Aero fans have a completely flat LED light on them to keep them as high as possible. We also opted for the remote for them all as it allows you to set a timer on the fan and light, as well as adding dimmer functionality to the light. All up even in the sale they were nearly $500 each but I feel like they will be worth it.

All that is left now is to buy the globes for the non LED lights, and we still have to pick bedside pendants (once we decide how we’re going to decorate it) and an outdoor fan for the alfresco.  All up we saved just under $1000 by buying those all in the Beacon sale.  Well worth the wait and planning.


3 thoughts on “Lights Purchased!

  1. Hello. We are also going through the process to build with Wisdom (we are stil at tender stage after 16 months though) and I am finding your blog very helpful (thank you!). I was wondering whether you have engaged an independent inspector to check the build at various stages? And if yes, who are you using?


    1. We are planning to engage an independent inspector at pre-lining (after bricks, roof, plumbing and wiring before gyprock) and PCI. We haven’t appointed an inspector yet but I think we will pick HK Ryan or Houspect. They’re both well spoken of on the HomeOne forums.

      It’s really for peace of mind for us as we are in no way experts in construction standards so we’re not likely to know if anything is wrong.


      1. Thanks for your response. I feel the same way about appointing an inspector. I have noticed there seem to be many indepedent inspectors in Victoria but I have had a hard time finding them in Sydney. I will check out HK Ryan and Houspect.


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