Week 9: Bricks Again

The ground floor bricks are finally all complete and our brick crew have moved on towards the second storey even though we’re still missing our scaffolding. Only 1 pallet of bricks are left on site so I suspect this week will be scaffolding and brick delivery. We haven’t heard from our SS in over 2 weeks now to be sure what’s scheduled which is frustrating.

Our balcony pillars are finally in, they’re going to be rendered but apparently they’re not bothering with getting cheaper red bricks to build it out.

Most progress is visible on the side of the house which doesn’t look like they can get much higher now without the scaffold.

There are a few bricks that have been used that aren’t the same colour as the rest so I will be contacting our SS about those this week as they stick out like a sore thumb, especially above the garage.

We haven’t seen the back window fixed yet and our SS had originally said they weren’t going to brick in the sill until it was fixed but the sill is there this week so I will be raising that too.


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