Week 10: Scaffolding

Our new SS has kept everything moving along without a pause which is great. Our scaffolding went up this week ready for our second storey bricks to be started next week. We also got our 2nd brick delivery. Now we just need our brick crew back, they’re due back on site mid next week at the moment.

Our next door neighbour is going to look like a behemoth next to ours despite their land actually being smaller than ours. It looked pretty normal until they started the elevated roof parapet. I’m looking forward to seeing it rendered to find out what colour it will be. The planned single storey on our left is going to look like a baby with everything else being built around us if they ever start building it (still no signs of a council approval despite being “due” to start 2 months ago apparently).

The bricks we were concerned about last week have been inspected and our SS thinks it’s just very thick dust from being next to the spot where the brick crew were cutting bricks. They have all been marked with blue crosses this week so they can be inspected after acid cleaning in case they need replacing.


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