Week 11: Bricks Completed

Ka-ching…that’s the sound of an invoice arriving in my inbox on a Friday afternoon! Our SS expected the bricks to be finished this week and sure enough the brick crew delivered. In total it’s taken 5 weeks for our bricks to be completed including the scaffold being put up.

It was a flying visit this week due to other commitments, so we checked the bricks, took a couple of snaps and off we went again. But I did finally get a picture of our house and the beast next door. It definitely makes ours look small in comparison even though I think they’re the same size.

Our new SS does his updates at the beginning of the week, but he mentioned last week that our roof will be next. There was no sign of roofing on site yet. We still have 2.5 leftover pallets of bricks that I’m hoping get returned to Austral – not thrilled if we’re paying for so many extra bricks. Looking forward to seeing progress speed up again now.


4 thoughts on “Week 11: Bricks Completed

  1. Hi There,
    Congrats on your build.
    I have been long time stalker of your page 🤐.

    I was wondering I just a quick question
    How do you find Wisdom Homes price n time frames etc?
    How many squares is your house?
    How much did the whole built cost you?

    Many Thanks in advance..

    All the best with your building.


    1. Our total build cost is nearly $500k. Bear in mind we started this all about 18 months ago so there will have been price increases in that time.

      Our house is 297sqm in total including outdoor spaces and garage.

      Overall we are very happy with Wisdom. We knew when we picked them that they had a reputation for being slow through the administration stages but delivering excellent quality builds and quite quick build timelines.

      They have changed their administration process a lot since we went through it and I believe it’s much quicker and more customer focused now than what we experienced.

      So far we’re very happy with the quality of our build and we are not seeing any errors or quality issues except our back window being wrong which is being fixed up.


  2. Hi Jennifer.
    Thank you for such a great site. I have picked up so much info & tips from you to allow us to set up proper expectations for our own Wisdom build. I really loved seeing each update of yours.

    BTW, Did you manage to get Austral to take back the excess bricks?


    1. Our SS has had the excess bricks removed during the final site clean a couple of weeks ago. He asked if we wanted them but we didn’t so he just left about 50 for us in case of future damage to the house.


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