Week 13: R&R (Roof & Render)

We skipped last week’s visit due to me having a cold and knowing the only work done was a scaffold adjustment and gutters. We had a slight delay due to the scaffold adjustment being wrong but our roofers made it up and put on entire roof in just 1 day this week.

We picked Colorbond Monument for our roof, gutters and downpipes to keep it all uniform. I was surprised how much glare still comes off the roof considering it’s dark charcoal (not that you could tell from this angle)

The renderer was booked in for Friday but our SS was very skeptical that he would turn up. So we were pleasantly surprised to see our render was completed too. It all looked very neat and tidy, not quite sure what I expected but it impressed me!

The scaffold will be adjusted again this week to fit our eaves on the top floor. Our cladding is also on site so it looks like that will be going up soon. The replacement window for the back of our living room is in the garage ready to be installed when a carpenter is on site.

The last 2 empty lots around us have started this week. The one behind us has their forms up ready for their slab and next door has a fence up. I’m quietly relieved because that should mean at least most of their external construction will be finished before we move in.


3 thoughts on “Week 13: R&R (Roof & Render)

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering how much your built cost with wisdom?

    How much was your land?

    Have you been happy with their work?

    Good luck with your build πŸ™‚


    Kind Regards,
    Ashley June


    1. Our total build is just under $500k but remember we started this 18 months ago so there will have been price increases since then. We’re very happy with the build so far, apart from a couple of really minor issues which Wisdom have been quick to address and fix, everything has been going very smoothly.

      Land price seems quite irrelevant as that was 2 years ago and the market/location dictates the price.


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