EOFY Sales!

We’ve been quietly shortlisting and selecting items for the house ever since we started this process. I remember looking at dining tables in the Boxing Day sales in 2016!

Most furniture stores are happy to offer up to a 6 month hold on items so we knew we wanted to take advantage of the mid year sales to make some of our purchases.

So far we’ve ordered sofas for the main living space from Domayne (saved $500 plus free delivery. We could have saved more but opted for fabric protection as it covers cats throwing up on sofas 👍).

I spent half an hour agonising over colour only to opt for the dark colour on display. I love light grey couches but my previous experience is they end up with brown dirty spots so charcoal to hide the dirt won out. The dark charcoal will pull through the black elements from the kitchen too for a more cohesive look.

We also got our electric recliners sofa from Harvey Norman. This is another item we had picked out forever ago when we planned the media room. We basically want it to be a mini gold class for two.

It looks pretty ordinary, but it super comfortable and the middle seat flips down to make a table with a flip up set of charging points. That’s a big winner for me as my phone is nearly always dying by the end of the day. We tried a few leather ones but I kept sliding down the seats once they were reclined 🤦‍♀️

We saved another $425 on this after HN weren’t so generous and wouldn’t give us free delivery. Still a decent saving towards other purchases.

We’re weighing up any other purchases we want to make. We could save $600 on the fridge we want and $200 on the dishwasher but I’m hesitant to buy appliances so far out and not be able to test them to ensure they work until we move in. They might be items we try to be patient about purchasing after we move in until a good deal comes around.

[EDIT] We also bought a new TV because there was a great deal on a 75″ Samsung with a free Xbox One X, it was unlikely we were going to find it much cheaper by the time we moved and the Xbox saves us another $550 as it was on the shopping list too for my husband.

For anyone in the early stages of planning, I thoroughly recommend taking a walk through the sales and checking the prices of some big ticket items. I knew the sale prices on both sofas from the Boxing Day sales so I knew if I was getting a good deal or if there might be room to negotiate further.


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