Week 15: Goodbye Scaffold

No one tells you when you start building a 2 storey home that the most frequent phrase you will hear is “scaffold adjustment”. It’s like a punctuation mark, every time something happens it requires a scaffold adjustment afterwards before we can move on.

After a hectic week where I didn’t get a chance to talk to our SS, it was a very good feeling to check our build this weekend and find the scaffold was gone! No more adjustments for us.

All the cladding upstairs is now finished and painted, as are the downpipes. Next should be the lower roof at the back of the house and eaves for that – the scaffold was built through the rafters so it wasn’t possible to do these at the same time as the top floor.

Extremely happy with our cladding colour choice and the bricks, just the render is left to be painted now and I’m not sure if the staining on the balcony pillars is completed as they look quite patchy to me.

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get much winter sunlight downstairs looking at those shadows – this was about 3pm. On the other hand, we probably need to look at tinting or some sort of external shading on the stairwell window which is going to get the full western sun due to our neighbours building a single storey (not something we expected).


2 thoughts on “Week 15: Goodbye Scaffold

  1. Hi, I was wondering what colours you used for the cladding and render? Your house is looking great, you must be so excited!

    I am currently building and we are just starting to lay bricks. Moving in today can’t come soon enough!


    1. Our cladding is Taubmans Tabby. Our render is yet to be painted, but it’s going to be Taubmans Oil Shale which is a dark grey (not quite charcoal). Can’t wait for the week we drive down and see the render has been painted!!!

      I know how you feel. It gets really exciting once the gyprock goes up and the interior fittings start to go in.


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