Week 16: Rough Ins

With all our exterior work nearly finished now, we had our rough ins completed ready for gyprock to start. Rough ins include electrical wiring, alarm system wiring and our air con ducts. As this is now officially “prelinings” stage we arranged a site visit to make sure all the electrical wiring was in the right spot and we also had a building inspector in to check the frames and exterior.

Our site visit was great, our site supervisor is really friendly and was happy for us to do a visual check to make sure everything was as expected. As well as the rough ins, our lower roof, stacker doors and kitchen bulkheads were done.

I didn’t get many good internal photos because I was mainly concerned with documenting where all our wiring was!

For those curious about wiring – white is power, black is Foxtel, copper is speakers and light grey (not really distinguishable from white) is network (cat6). This is the setup for our media room with spaces cut for the various plugs plus a conduit to run cables between our TV and entertainment unit. The wall blocking is also in place for the TV wall mount.

Outside we have our lower roof on, although it’s still missing eaves due to the scaffold rails. And we’re still missing our garage roof

We did notice some minor issues – 2 out of 4 wall blocking areas were missed. Some power points that are meant to be in our bathroom vanities were placed so they will be above the vanity. And our speaker wiring in the media room was in the wrong spot. We had requested it at floor level so that for resale it wasn’t so obvious if someone wants to use the room as a study or bedroom but it had been setup at ceiling height.

Overall not much, but enough to annoy me if they hadn’t been caught now. Definitely worth the day off to go down and check.

Our building inspector came up with a few minor defects too, laundry wall needed restraightening, weepholes in the brickwork need to be cleaned out, a sewer pipe needed replacing and some trusses needed to be reinforced. The rest of the defects were just work that was yet to be done and already booked in. Overall he said the quality was very good. We also learned from our SS today that Wisdom use him as one of their inspectors too.

Originally we were due to start gyprock on Wednesday this week but it’s been pushed back to Friday now to allow for remediation of the things found during the inspections so not expecting to see much else. Our SS is going to send us some photos of anything that needed fixing once it’s done too.


8 thoughts on “Week 16: Rough Ins

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    That is a great progress and good news that you have good SS. Our build, aspiration 35, is about to start and want to use a build inspector, can you please tell me for what stages did you book yours for and how much are they charging if you don’t mind me asking? Also, did you chose all stages or only some ? Can you also give his number if ok? Thanks in advance.


      1. Thanks Jennifer. We just got SS assigned, hopefully build will start soon. Looking at your house pics am happy to have picked Aspiration series too. Your house is coming along very well, not long before you move in. Can I ask if your SS is Kevin?


      2. We had Kevin to start but I don’t think he is with Wisdom anymore (unless he came back) so might be a different Kevin. Initials were KW.

        We have Daniel now and love him to bits. He is keeping everything moving smoothly and very efficient.


  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Its really great to see progress and some great feedback from independent inspector. We are building Washington 32, and we are at frame stage. As asked by Kalyan above, I am also keen to know at what stages of build so far you book the inspector for ? Any recommendation would really help ! Thanks for your time and fabulous blog 🙂



    1. We used HK Ryan for our prelinings inspection and we will probably use them again for PCI inspection. Those are the only inspections we are planning.

      The only thing to mention that I didn’t expect is they don’t check the build against your plans. They just inspect the work to make sure it’s completed to code. So if something is in the wrong place or not the right size they won’t pick this up.


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