Week 17: Gyprock

Most of this week was spend on remediation of the issues picked up by our inspections so we knew gyprock was delayed from Wednesday to Friday.

Our SS sent over this picture on Friday morning to let us know that all our soundscreen insulation had gone in.

So I was pretty surprised when we got our gyprock invoice by Saturday lunchtime (which happens to be the last day of the financial year). Skeptical, we stopped by the house on Sunday and sure enough from what we could see gyprock was complete!

It was definitely a surprise to see the gyprock go up so quickly. No idea what is on the agenda next, I hadn’t even asked the question assuming this work would take much longer.

After a trip to the house we headed out to Camden Nurseries to have a look at plants and prices, mainly if we could budget for some more mature plants for the back garden to help block out our neighbours a bit faster!

A 2.5m 100L Magnolia tree will set us back $450 😱 my dad was humouring me while praying I wasn’t going to ask him to buy me some as a housewarming gift.

These Weeping Lilly Pillys were a slightly more affordable $295 each.

I swear these are the same plant but the label claimed it was a Angophera Floribunda, which is not Weeping Lilly Pilly (Waterhousea Floribunda). I nodded a bit and was postive I’d heard them mention something like that on Selling Houses Australia…and at a bargain $199 each it was worth adding to the list for research!

I was personally in love with these Tuckeroo trees because they’re so brightly coloured. But I’m pretty sure they grow too big 😕

Plenty to start thinking about. We still don’t know where we want to go with landscaping but it gives us a starting point.


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