Wisdom Landscaping Finalised

Wisdom have a sister landscaping company who we met with last year as part of our selections. Part of our package included a $5.5k landscaping voucher to basically ensure you opt for some form of service from them.

We had originally asked for them to do our driveway and a rendered letterbox so we could tick off the essentials and do the rest ourselves.

Unfortunately the initial quote was done before we had contours so they requote during the build. Our quote increased nearly $2k thanks to the need for a dreaded drop edge beam for our driveway and it’s not really cash we have right now.

We dropped the letterbox to save us some money and just asked Wisdom to put in a small slab for us to mount our own mailbox on instead.

We also had the option of having a coloured driveway all the way to the road if we wanted. Looking around most of our neighbours are putting in plain concrete crossovers though so we opted for the same.

I wasn’t too cut up about the mailbox. I had already been looking at parcel mailboxes and knew it was a much cheaper option so we’re going to get one of these mailboxes now

One of pet hates of living in an apartment is never being able to have parcels safe dropped. I can’t wait to be able to buy things online without spending ages working out the logistics of collecting the parcel.

They had a built in option too but the budget was never going to stretch to that sadly.


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