Week 19: Stairs!

After the excitement of gyprock going on the walls, it took another week for the seams to all be sealed and sanded back and for the coving to be installed so Week 18 was a bit of a no news week.

It’s full action again this week with our staircase being installed (bye bye construction ladder), waterproofing in all the wet areas and the carpenter is back on site to install the doors and architraves.

Our SS kindly sent over some pictures of the stairs as he knows how excited I was to see them – it feels like the first real “finish” to be installed even though they still need staining and carpeting.

Way back at selections we debated over how much should go into staircase upgrades – it’s very easy to get carried away and we originally budgeted $10k which would have got us glass railings the whole way round. But as other things got expensive we pulled back the budget and ended up spending about $4k to add the mitred handrail, glass panels and maple instead of MDF so we could have exposed wood. We ended up with a gyprock wall upstairs in place of more glass railings.

It feels like money really well spent now as combined with the huge stairwell window it lets a lot of light into the middle of the house, especially the upstairs living space instead of feeling really closed off.

The carpenter was on site this morning to start installing all the doors and architraves. We had a quick chat and he let me know he would be done by Monday.

The covers for the support bolts on our balcony posts have gone in too I noticed as I left again. Judging by other people we know who have built with Wisdom we should be about 10 weeks out now which would be 30ish weeks from the slab or 33 weeks from site scrape.


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